Series AppearancesEdit

Yashiro has appeared playable in KOF '97,KOF '98, KOF '02, KOF '02 Unlimited Match and KOF Neowave. He did not appear in the Maximum Impact series.

Other AppearancesEdit

Yashiro has also appeared playable in all 3 installments of the Snk Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash series.

Additional InformationEdit

Yashiro plays in a band in his spare time.

He is one of the four Orochi leaders, along with Shermie, Chris and Goenitz. As such, when he appears playable in a KOF game, he is usually on the same pre-set team as Shermie and Chris.

He has a rivalry with Iori Yagami, as he plays in a rival band.

While in the development stages of KOF '97, Yashiro had moves known as "260 Million Slams" and "Human Surfing". He also apparently had a line of dialogue after he defeated an opponent, which was "Execution, accomplished" but this, too, was removed.

When in Orochi form, his skin is a darker color, while his jacket turns from red to pink.