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The eldest of two orphans adopted by Jeff Bogard. Following the murder of his father, Terry and his younger brother Andy was left in the care of Jeff's martial arts master, Master Tung Fu Rue. Master Tung later trains them and later send them in a training journey to perfect their technique. Many years later they reunite to find out who of the two is better and worthy enough to learn the secret of Hakkyokuseiken.

Terry Runs in to a Thai kick boxer named Joe Higashi in a rather comical bar fight. He also meet a woman named Lily who becomes his first love. to prove to their master Tung who of the brothers was worthy to learn the secret art of Hakkyokuseiken Terry and his brother enter the very first King of fighters tournament (not KOF 94)

Sometime before the King of Fighters games, Terry enters the King of Fighters, and battles Geese, and defeats him, sending Geese tumbling from the tower they were fighting on. Terry manages to grab Geese's hand, trying to save him, but, Geese, not willing to live with the shame of losing, relinquishes his grip of Terry, falling apparently to his death.

Feeling responsible for causing the death of Geese, he takes in Rock Howard, Geese's son, becoming a father figure to the boy, and even training him in his own style, as seen in the game Garou: Mark of the Wolves.

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