Iori Yagami is one of the more popular characters in the King of Fighters series of video games. He first appered in The King of Fighters '95 as Kyo Kusanagi's arch enemy. In KoF '96, Kyo and Iori have a special intro when they face each other. He is 20 years old officially.

Iori is a member of the Yagami clan, originally known as the Yasakani. 2000 years ago, a dispute arose between the Yata, Kusanagi and Yasakani clans over which is the strongest, the Kusanagi's claiming to be the most powerful of the three. In order to overpower the Kusanagi, the Yasakani made a blood pact with Orochi, thus turning their flames purple instead of the crimson flames they originally weilded. This pact, however, carried a heavy cost. The Yasakani were doomed to live very short lives. Iori himself is occasianally subject to the Riot of the Blood, which makes him go mad. In KoF '97, after Kyo, Iori and Chizuru face Orochi, he rises from the ground, claiming that he will always be around, as long as other Orochi bloods exist. Iori is then struck with madness, and Orochi tells Iori to kill Kyo, but Iori leaps to Orochi and engulfs him and himself in a pillar of purple fire. While Chizuru casts the spell to seal Orochi away, and Iori holds the Orochi in place, Kyo deals the final blow. Iori and Kyo were thought to have died, but they somehow survived.

Iori is also able to resist the Riot of the Blood to some extent. In the secret ending in KoF '96, Iori is struck with the Riot of the Blood, and then he pops up from the bottom of the screen with blood trickling down his mouth. In Iori's proper team ending in '96, he is subject to the Riot of the Blood, and kills Vice and Mature, Rugal's secretarys.

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