In Capcom VS SNK series when to worlds combine SNK fighters went to battle angaist Capcom in this series each fighter had a rival Kyo and Ryu become rival threw this series,then they work to gather to defeated the stronger Villian in there world, Kyo Evil Side that is a clone was Evil Ryu rival other than Blood Riot Iori. Then after it was tie between them Kyo and Ryu also the other defeated there Villians in there world by working together, they had one more last battle and then Kyo lost after then Kyo and Ryu was still rivals and became friends since then Kyo didn't see Ryu in a while other than the event in the SNK VS Capcom Choas SVC series so then Kyo found his clones and beating them and and Evil Kyo clone by then he felt something and his clones was still alive. Since then a nother King of Fighters Tournament begin.