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    Warning: These teams are with 4 members and all of these are in my opinion.

    Hero Team - Kyoko, Benimaru, Daimon, Syo 

    Art Of Fighting Team - Ryo, Robert, Yuri, King

    Sacred Treasures Team - Kyo, Iori, Chizuru, Shingo

    Fatal Fury Team - Terry, Andy, Joe, Duck King

    Garou Team - B. Jenet, Tizoc, Gato, Rock Howard

    Old Boss Team - Geese, Mr. Big, Krauser, Rugal

    New Boss Team - Orochi, Krizalid, Zero, Igniz

    New Faces Team - Chris, Yashiro, Shermie, Goenitz

    Part 2 coming soon! Yes, there is a Part 2. This is Part 1.

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