Unlike the usual KOF hero characters, Ash was designed with the intent to create an "attractive evil character." Because the supervising designer created a rough design that fit the desired appearance to a "T," little was changed for this character's design. Since he's the "hero" to the current KOF saga, we can't give away too many details about him. But we hope you look forward to his further exploits (Laugh). Incidentally, the team story quotes casually from Robert Browning's "Spring Song," but no one on the staff took interest in this (Boo hoo). And the bit about Shanghai Crabs was the original material for the character "Rojin."

Ash kof-A

Ash Crimson


Ash Crimson is the new main protagonist of the KOF games, his arc beginning in KOF 2003 and apparently ending in KOF XIII.


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