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Angel (アンヘル Anheru) (pronounced Ahn-hehl as per the Spanish pronunciation of the word) is a video game character in the 2001 and 2002 releases of The King of Fighters series. She is also playable as a secret fighter in the Japanese PlayStation 2 port of The King of Fighters Neowave, but not in any overseas release. She is depicted as a sexy, white-haired Mexican who works for an organization known as NESTS. Her "Unchain Circle" combo attacks make her one of the more distinctive characters in the KOF series.

Character design[]

Styleos is responsible for Angel's character design. It has been said that her appearance is the result of Styleos' "overwhelming passion" and that one "can see his preferences in almost every aspect of her."[1] The staff for The King of Fighters 2001 were also said to have "splurged" in hiring Mina Tominaga as Angel's voice actress,[1] although her voice actor was switched to the less famous Mayumi Shintani for her appearance in The King of Fighters 2002, whose vocal clips are reused for The King of Fighters Neowave.

Angel is one of the more sexual characters in the KOF series. Apart from being tied for the largest bust size of any character (92cm,[1] the same size as Shermie), she wears a very revealing outfit and even undresses slightly during two of her win poses. Quote-wise, her taunt basically translates as "Do I make you hard?", and during her "Loyalty Test for the Liberalists" SDM, she states that she is "Angel, 19 years old, a somewhat playful/naughty girl" (in the fashion of a suggestive personal advertisement).

Kof2k1 angel.gif

Angel's fighting style incorporates elements of both Muay Thai (as seen in her stance and some of her kicks) and professional wrestling. Some of her moves and mannerisms pay homage to entertainer Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Most notably, her "Winds Fairground", "Blue Monday Parade" and "Survivor's Banquet" mimic his "Laying the Smacketh Down", "Rock Bottom" and "People's Elbow" respectively. Her 2002/Neowave intro/"Survivor's Banquet" quote roughly translates to "Can you taste The Angel's extraordinary skill?", a play on The Rock's famous "Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'?" catchphrase. Her taunt references Terri Runnels "Horny Little She-Devil" gimmick.

All of Angel's attacks are named after songs by the Japanese band Soul Flower Union. The attacks themselves however, are all named in English with katakana, even when some of the songs alluded to have a Japanese title. For example, Angel's Template:Nihongo D-button throw is named after the Soul Flower Union song Template:Nihongo, which actually translates as "Starlit Field". Other songs, though, have English titles (written in katakana), such as "Go-Go Futen Girl" (Angel's C-button throw).


The following gameplay information is on Angel as she appears in her most recent appearance in The King of Fighters Neowave. While her gameplay has stayed largely the same in her three appearances, there are some minor differences that may be noted.

Angel is unique for her "Unchain Circle" (UC) special attacks which must be comboed together in order to work. Angel has five "Unchain Circle" starter moves, six UC root moves, seven UC finish moves (including "Loyalty Test for the Liberalists", a 'desperation move'), and a special "Omagatoki" move. Each UC root move can only be comboed with two other specific UC root moves, but any of the UC starters or finishers can be used with any UC root move. Angel has only has two other special moves that aren't "Unchain Circle" moves:Template:Ref label "Red Sky of Yaponesia" and "Mad Murder Roulette".

Another unique aspect of Angel's gameplay are her "Winds Fair Ground"/"Blue Monday Parade"/"Survivors Banquet" 'super desperation moves', which are some of the few 'trap' moves in the KOF series, where she does not attack unless she is hit with a melee attack while in the stance she goes into for about half a second after the move is performed. While in reality only one move, as the button input is the same for all three, the move Angel performs depends on how she is hit. Due to its short duration and unsubtle performance, it virtually requires for the opponent to be already in the middle of an attack when its performed in order for it to be executed.

In-game history[]

Angel in The King of Fighters Neowave

In The King of Fighters 2001, Angel is introduced as an agent of the secret organization known as NESTS and is assigned to keep an eye on the experiment K9999, whose purpose is to hunt down traitorous experiments that had left NESTS. She's actually the only person who can more-or-less effectively bond with K9999, seemingly showing genuine interest in his person and role other than being a NESTS secret weapon.

NESTS enters a team consisting of K9999, Angel, Kula Diamond and Foxy into the 2001 King of Fighters' tournament with intents on killing the rogue experiment K'. However, during the final moments of the tournament, it was revealed that Angel, along with K9999, was also on a mission to murder Kula and her guardians, and in the end, Angel and K9999 appear to murder Foxy. However, although Foxy has yet to appear in another KOF, this ending is considered to be non-canon, as Foxy is still officially alive.[2] According to the 2001 novel, both Angel and K9999 disappear in the aftermath. Their whereabouts unknown.

Game appearances[]


Ángel is a Spanish masculine name. Her name should be Ángela.


Template:Note: In The King of Fighters 2001, "Red Sky of Yaponesia" is one of the UC finisher moves as well as a standalone special move. In 2002 and Neowave, only the standalone version remains.


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