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Adelheid Bernstein or Adel is an SNK character who made his debut in The King of Fighters 2003, where he took the role of alternate final boss, facing by himself whole teams of 3 fighters. He's also appeared in King of Fighters XI as a sub-boss.


Adelheid Bernstein is presumed to be Rugal's son. He has a sister named Rose, and they fly in the Sky Noah, a dark blue airship. You can face him after the fifth team as the last boss if you don't finish Kusanagi off using a DM or LDM (and thus, Chizuru and Maki don't challenge you). He'll be the game's "fake" last boss, and defeating him doesn't earn you an ending.

Adel is known to be kind and honorable, opposite to his father's trait. When Rose was brainwashed in the events leading to KOFXIII, Adel knew something was very odd. He then contacted one of his father's victims, Heidern, and worked with him to get to the bottom of Rose's plans and mannerisms, later revealed to have been caused by a member of Those From The Past.

Known techniquesEdit

  • Reppu Ken (Gale Fist): Adapted from Geese Howard. Flings a blade of wind energy onto the ground, which then proceeds to rush forward.
  • Genocide Cutter: Adelheid leaps into the air while using his leg to create an arc of orange ki around himself.
  • God Press: Adelheid dashes forward with his arm outstretched. If he hits successfully, he keeps dashing to the opposite wall, slamming his opponent into it.
  • Gigantic Pressure: Essentially an upgraded God Press. His hand is suffused with dark power, and the ending wall slam includes his foe being blasted by a column of metallic white death ki.

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